Client Access
Monzoon lowers ADSL2+ prices! Only CHF 34.- !
Starting July 1, 2017 Monzoon lowers the prices and offers you the Monzoon DSL access with the newest ADSL2+ technology with 15000/1000 for only CHF 34.- !
Monzoon DSL - VDSL now with twice the upload speed
Monzoon doubles the upload speed of its affordable Monzoon DSL - VDSL products. An analogue telephone connection from Swisscom is not necessary.
CombiLink - Combine several Internet lines for high data rates and redundancy
CombiLink is offering a bundling solution for several Internet links to one single high speed Internet connection with high redundancy.
Highspeed MINAS Access Solution on WLAN Hotspot at Airport Zurich
Monzoon successfully launches new highspeed MINAS Access Solution on WLAN Hotspot at Airport Zurich!
Our service

Monzoon Networks offers a comprehensive service to enterprises: Broadband Internet connectivity based on wireless technologies - a wireless network connection (Public Wireless LAN).

For whom is it suitable?

This service is focused primarily on business people and business travellers. As an interested hotspot partner it's you who is most familiar with your customers needs. Regardless of whether you are a trendsetter, technology-inspired or a marketing strategist, wireless broadband Internet access is always a hot topic. Once you've experienced the liberty of connecting without tangled cables or adaptor problems, without needing a modem or occupying your mobile phone, "SPEED" becomes a regular commodity. The Monzoon solution caters to your needs whether you are a manager or a director of a hotel with a large number of business travellers, or the owner of a restaurant who coordinates and hosts business events.

Target groups - hotspot partners

Airlines and rail companies, hotel- and restaurant chains, gas stations, airports, congress centres, event coordinators, train stations, industrial parks, public institutions (e.g. libraries), lounges, bars, etc...

Roll-out in phases

A hotspot solution can be individually adapted to your location. It can be adjusted to your needs in the hotel - e.g. initially covering the public areas such as the lobby and conference areas, and expanding on demand to cover an increasing footprint.

Success - some references

In Switzerland, substantial enterprises like McDonald's Restaurants, Swiss International Air Lines, Raffles Hotel Group, and Airport Zurich have opted for a Monzoon solution. In addition, companies operating single hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges already offer our solution to their customers.

Operating model

An attractive revenue-share model is employed whereby the hotspot partner may profit from generated turnover from use of the service. The hotspot partner benefits not only in the sale of access products, but their activation at the hotspot is also rewarded. This is regardless of whether the access product was acquired by the customer within the hotspot.

Good business models succeed only with the right levels of commitment. A fundamental condition for new services is to put an appropriate marketing strategy into effect. Monzoon supplies its hotspot partners with a collection of useful and effective marketing materials. We provide hotspots with flyers, table stands, posters and stickers. In addition, the hotspot information is being published on Monzoon's and its partner's webpages as well as international hotspot directories.


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