Monzoon lowers ADSL2+ prices! Only CHF 34.- !
Starting July 1, 2017 Monzoon lowers the prices and offers you the Monzoon DSL access with the newest ADSL2+ technology with 15000/1000 for only CHF 34.- !
Monzoon DSL - VDSL now with twice the upload speed
Monzoon doubles the upload speed of its affordable Monzoon DSL - VDSL products. An analogue telephone connection from Swisscom is not necessary.
CombiLink - Combine several Internet lines for high data rates and redundancy
CombiLink is offering a bundling solution for several Internet links to one single high speed Internet connection with high redundancy.
Highspeed MINAS Access Solution on WLAN Hotspot at Airport Zurich
Monzoon successfully launches new highspeed MINAS Access Solution on WLAN Hotspot at Airport Zurich!
Our service

Monzoon Networks has many years of experience with operating wireless access networks and back-end systems. Benefit from it! Maybe you want technical assistance with wireless service at your hotel, restaurant or meeting room? Perhaps you are an ISP planning a centralized back-end? Whatever the scenario, we provide competent advice that will move you towards a tailor-made solution. Choose which services you need: we can help with consulting, planning, implementation and operation.


Consulting and groundwork

Engineering and project management with detailed technical planning

Implementation and installation by an expert electrician

Operation and continuous monitoring of all components


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